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Car Seat Covers: OEM vs. Aftermarket – Pros and Cons

Car Seat Covers: OEM vs. Aftermarket – Pros and Cons

Most car owners think getting car seat covers directly from their car manufacturer is a guarantee that the covers are the right ones for their cars. They assume that only the original car manufacturer would know the right parts for their SUV. But is it really this clear cut? 

While OEM seat covers have strong suits, they are not always the magic charm they are painted out to be. In fact, there are times when choosing an Aftermarket seat cover is the best decision for your car. 

Here at Seat Cover Solutions, we understand that choosing between an aftermarket seat cover and an OEM one can be tough. That is why we have prepared this expert guide on distinguishing between the two. In this article, we will cover all you need to know about the pros and cons of OEM and Aftermarket seat covers for your car. But first, let’s break down what OEM seat covers are.

OEM Seat Covers For Car

Definition Of OEM Seat Covers

OEM seat covers, or original equipment manufacturers, are those seat covers that come directly from the car manufacturer. With cars, you can get OEM seat covers from your local car distributor or any other licensed reseller of car products.

Features Of OEM Seat Covers

OEM seat covers have a wide range of features. Let’s unpack a few of them:


OEM seat covers have anti-UV features to protect the seats from the sun's harsh rays. cars are typically off-road vehicles. That is why the OEM seat covers are specifically made to ensure that the sun does not affect the seats during outdoor excursions.

Airbag Safety Tested

Typical OEM seat covers are tested to ensure they are compatible with the airbags in your car. This helps to guarantee that the seat covers will not impede the deployment of the airbags in the event of an accident.

Easy To Clean

Have you ever had difficulty cleaning your seat covers after spilling your cranberry juice during a long off-road trip? Then OEM seat covers might be your best pal. These seat covers often come with a soft material that does not retain dirt, which makes them easy to clean, even with a simple wipe-down.

Heavy Duty

OEM seat covers are made with highly durable material, which is meant to last a long time. The material is also resistant to heavy wear and tear. This means you can have your pets in the vehicle without worrying about permanent damage.

Pros Of Choosing OEM Seat Covers

Here are some advantages you can enjoy from using OEM seat covers.

Perfect Fit

OEM seat covers are bound to be a perfect fit for your car. You wouldn't expect an original manufacturer to play about with the measurements of the seat covers, right? Any OEM seat cover you get should offer your seat covers a snuggly fit that doesn't compromise on the vehicle's aesthetics.

Quality Assurance

Manufacturers spend a lot of time and resources on ensuring that the products they distribute in the market are of superior quality. The same goes for seat covers. OEM seat covers go through rigorous quality checks. So, you wouldn’t expect them to have any faults right out of the box.

Maintaining Original Aesthetics

As you would expect, OEM seat covers are modeled after the original seat covers that come with the vehicle. That means that they match the original design of your car. The only downside would be that you would have little lee-way to play around with when you want to customize the car’s interior.

Cons Of Choosing OEM Seat Covers

Not everything about seat covers is a walk in the park. You should pay attention to the following drawbacks to avoid any surprises in the future.


OEM seat covers tend to be more expensive than your regular seat covers. There are many explanations for this, but it all comes down to the fact that the manufacturer designs them for your car model. Thus, the manufacturer has to charge more to turn a profit. 

Low Customization

As we have mentioned above, OEM seat covers match the original look of your car. That means you just get the original look, nothing more or less. But if you are the experimental type of car owner looking to spruce up the look of your car, then you should explore alternative seat cover options.

Aftermarket Seat Covers For cars

Now let’s explore what the fuss is about Aftermarket seat covers.

Definition And Characteristics Of Aftermarket Seat Covers

As the name suggests, Aftermarket seat covers are those seat cover alternatives that are made after the vehicle hits the market. These seat covers come from alternative sources, such as third-party manufacturers not affiliated with the car. Does this mean that Aftermarket seat covers are no good? Certainly not! You might even find some Aftermarket seat covers that perform better than OEM ones. 

Pros Of Choosing Aftermarket Seat Covers

Working with Aftermarket seat covers can come with many benefits. Here are just a few.

Variety Of Options

Aftermarket seat covers are highly customizable. They can offer you a variety of choices in terms of color and material. Some also have extra features that would enhance your overall seat cover experience. These seat covers are a great choice if you want to explore your creative side as you decorate the interior of your car.


If you are on a tight budget, consider getting Aftermarket seat covers. These seat covers cost less than OEM seat covers mainly because they are often easier to sell. However, you should not let the low costs deceive you. These seat covers still perform as well as the OEM options, sometimes even better.

Environmental Considerations

Aftermarket seat cover manufacturers often offer alternatives to non-sustainable seat covers. For example, our selection of seat covers is made using eco-leather material. This material is an environmentally friendly alternative to genuine leather. Therefore, it offers just the same luxury as genuine leather seat covers without any ethical and environmental concerns.

Enhanced Protection

If you are looking for a seat cover with extra protection that goes above the limitations of OEM set covers, then Aftermarket options are worth a second look. Our seat covers offer an example of this enhanced protection against any damage from our furry friends (pets). 

Cons Of Choosing Aftermarket Seat Covers

Some car owners may be skeptical about Aftermarket seat covers because they tend to have fitment issues. Their skepticism is understandable because, at times, these seat covers are made using a universal fit for a wide range of vehicles. 

That's where Seat Cover Solutions comes in to save the day. You can get a seat cover specific to your car model. You will need to go to our home page, select your make, model, and year, and choose the seat cover that works for your car. 

Comparison: OEM Vs. Aftermarket Seat Covers

Now that we have covered the pros and cons of OEMs and Aftermarket Seat covers, let's compare them to see which carry the day.

Quality And Durability 

Both OEM and Aftermarket seat covers are of superior quality. However, OEM options offer higher quality since OEM seat covers come from the original manufacturers and Aftermarket seat covers come from third-party suppliers. 

This is not to say that all Aftermarket seat covers are poor quality. If you work with Seat Cover Solutions, you can get exceptional seat covers that defy the norm! Our seat covers have an extended lifespan owing to their high wear and tear resistance. 

Fitment And Installation 

OEM seat covers have a tailored fit that works for your specific car model and edition. Essentially, this makes the seat covers a perfect fit for your vehicle. Because of this fit, you can enjoy a seamless installation process without worrying about compatibility.

When it comes to Aftermarket seat covers, the chances of you getting a perfect fit for your car depend on which manufacturer you go for. 

As we mentioned above, our seat covers are compatible with specific car models. This means that even though ours are Aftermarket seat covers, you can definitely get a seat cover that is specifically meant for your car. Just make sure you confirm compatibility before you place your order.


Aftermarket seat covers are the clear winner in cost savings. These seat covers are always priced lower than their OEM counterparts because of their high demand rate. The overall value you get from using Aftermarket seat covers is not only a great deal from the onset but also a long-term investment. It's not a surprise that some car insurers might insist that they only cover you if you get Aftermarket parts.

Aesthetics and Customization 

Once again, Aftermarket seat covers reign supreme in terms of aesthetics and customizations. While OEM seat covers are designed as mirror replacements of the original seat covers, you can easily personalize your Aftermarket seat covers with no trouble at all. For instance, Seat Cover Solutions offers 12 unique color selections to spruce up the interior of your car. All that is left is for you to explore your imagination and creativity.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Seat Covers

Have you selected the type of seat cover you want to go with between OEM and Aftermarket options? Once you are comfortable with your choice, you now need to choose a specific seat cover to install on your car. Here are a few factors you should consider when making that choice.

car Model And Year Considerations

Ever since its first release in the 1940s, cars have had various models with different seat specifications. You should always confirm the model and year of your specific unit just to be sure which seat cover to get. Remember to check whether the seat cover you plan to get is for the 4-door or 2-door models. You don't want to have to return the seat cover after purchase because of such small issues.

Personal Preferences And Lifestyle Factors

One of the main reasons people change their seat covers is to turn the interior of their car to match their personal style. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and designs when looking for a seat cover until you get one that fits your preferences. You might end up spending hours on end driving your car. Our hope when we offer you a wide aesthetic range of seat covers is that your time and experience inside the car will be pleasant.

Budget Constraints And Long-Term Investment

The last thing you should consider when getting seat covers is the budget aspect. Always ask yourself, "How much am I willing to spend on a seat cover?" But this doesn't mean that you should spend as little as possible. Try to balance between the price you will pay for the seat cover and the value it provides. Remember, a seat cover is an investment that is meant to protect your vehicle for the long haul. 


OEM seat covers ensure you keep your vehicle's interior as close to its original design as possible. However, this comes at a higher cost and limitations in customization. On the other hand, while Aftermarket seat covers may be cheaper and easy to personalize, they don't always offer a perfect fit for all cars. That is why you should get seat covers from our catalog here at Seat Cover Solutions. Our outstanding luxurious seat covers offer the best you could hope for in terms of stylish design with a perfect fit for your vehicle. 

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Key Differences Between OEM And Aftermarket Seat Covers?

The main difference between OEM and Aftermarket seat covers is who makes them. OEM seat covers come from the original manufacturers of the vehicle, while their Aftermarket counterparts come from third-party manufacturers. This makes OEM covers more expensive than Aftermarket. However, OEM seat covers tend to offer a perfect fit for the specific car you own. For you to get a perfect fit from an Aftermarket seat cover, you would have to buy one from market-winning manufacturers such as Seat Cover Solutions.

2. Can I Customize OEM Seat Covers To Match My Preferences?

Unfortunately, OEM seat covers offer little room for customization. These seat covers are designed to match the original interior of the vehicle. So, if you want to customize your seat covers, you might have to explore alternative Aftermarket options.

3. Do Aftermarket Seat Covers Void My car's Warranty?

Generally, manufacturers refuse warranty claims for damages arising from modifications made to your vehicles, especially if those modifications affect other parts covered under the warranty. However, the chances that an Aftermarket seat cover will affect other parts of your car are very low, and so are the chances that using such seat covers will void your warranty.

4. What Are The Most Common Complaints With OEM Seat Covers?

The most common complaint with OEM seat covers is how much they cost. You should be prepared to pay top dollar if you decide to buy OEM seat covers.

5. Are There Any Environmentally Friendly Options For car Seat Covers?

Yes, Seat Cover Solutions offers eco-leather seat covers, which are made from sustainable alternatives to genuine leather. These seat covers are an environmentally friendly option for those of you who want the luxurious look of genuine leather but are sensitive to the needs of the environment.