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What Is The Easiest Way To Put A Steering Wheel Cover On

What Is The Easiest Way To Put A Steering Wheel Cover On

Adding a steering wheel cover is one of the simplest upgrades you can make to enhance both the comfort and the appearance of your vehicle's interior. However, fitting a steering wheel cover can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you're dealing with a snug fit. So if you ask what is the easiest way to put a steering wheel cover on, this blog is the answer. We here guide you through the easiest and most effective method to install a steering wheel cover, ensuring a smooth process and a perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking to protect your steering wheel, improve grip, or simply add a personal touch to your car, Seat Cover Solutions offers high-quality covers that combine style with practicality. Follow these five straightforward steps to transform your driving experience with minimal effort.

5 Easiest Ways to Put on Steering Wheel Covers

Put on Steering Wheel Covers

When you try to put on steering wheel covers through these 5 easiest ways, designed to save you time and eliminate frustration. Each method is straightforward and practical, ensuring you can achieve a professional-looking fit with minimal effort.

#1 Warm the Steering Wheel Covers for Easy Stretching

One of the easiest ways to make a steering wheel cover more pliable is by warming it up. This increases the material's elasticity, making it easier to stretch over the steering wheel. You can leave the cover in the sun for a few hours or use a hairdryer to gently heat it. Remember, the goal is to make the cover flexible and not hot. Ensure the hairdryer is continuously moving to avoid overheating any specific area, which could damage the material.

#2 Use a Lubricant for Easy Sliding

A little lubricant can go a long way in easing the installation of a steering wheel cover. Lightly spray the inside of the cover with hairspray or furniture polish. These substances make the surface of the steering wheel slick, allowing the cover to slide on more easily without sticking or snagging. However, ensure you use a mild lubricant and test it on a small area of the cover first to avoid any potential damage to the material.

#3 Start from the Top for Even Distribution

Instead of trying to stretch the cover over the entire wheel at once, begin at the top of the steering wheel. It allows you to handle the cover easily and reduces the risk of uneven stretching and material bunching. Gradually work the cover over the wheel, pulling it down and around as you go. This approach makes it simple to put on the steering covers and ensures a snug fit without the need for constant readjustments.

#4 Use Proper Tools to Ease the Installation Process

For a stretchable steering wheel cover in tight and stubborn areas, a flat and rigid tool like a plastic spatula or a credit card can be very helpful. These tools allow you to gently and effectively press the cover into place, especially along the edges where your fingers might not reach.

For sewn-on steering wheel covers you require: 

  • Needle-nose pliers pull the needle through the tough material, reducing your effort and increasing precision.
  • Scissors for trimming excess threads or making small adjustments to the cover.
  • Plastic trim removal tool to safely tuck in the edges without scratching your steering wheel.

For both cases, you require recommended adhesives or lubricants for the installation process, allowing materials to move smoothly.

Carefully use the tool to tuck the edges of the cover under the rim of the steering wheel. This technique helps in achieving a snug fit without damaging the cover or the wheel.

#5. Get a Helper

An extra pair of hands allows for better control and distribution of the stretching force required. With one person holding the cover in place, the other can use both hands to gradually pull and stretch the cover over the wheel, ensuring even coverage without excessive strain. This collaborative approach makes it easy to put on the steering wheel covers by providing extra grip.

By following these ways, you can easily put on a steering wheel cover, ensuring it looks great and feels secure under your hands.

5 Easy Steps To Install Stretchable Steering Wheel Cover

Stretchable Steering Wheel Cover

Installing a stretchable steering wheel cover is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance the grip and appearance of your steering wheel. Here’s a simple five-step guide to help you put on a steering wheel cover.

Step 1. Check the Cover’s Fit & Compatibility

Before starting, make sure your new steering wheel cover is the correct size for your steering wheel. You can do this by comparing the diameter of your steering wheel to the size listed on the cover’s packaging. If the size isn’t marked, a quick measure of your steering wheel’s diameter will help you confirm the cover will fit snugly and securely. Always choose the steering wheel cover that fits the size of your steering wheel.

Step 2. Warm Up the Stretchable Covers for Flexibility

To make the installation easier, warm up the steering wheel cover before fitting it. This makes the material more pliable and easier to stretch. You can leave the cover in a warm place or use a hair dryer to gently warm it up.

Step 3. Align the Stretchable Steering Wheel Cover

Start by aligning the stretchable wheel cover with the top of the steering wheel. Make sure that any logos or patterns are positioned properly. Ensure the cover is centered to avoid having to adjust excessively once it's partially on. If the alignment looks off, it's easier to correct at this initial stage rather than later.

Step 4. Evenly Stretch and Secure the Cover

Carefully stretch the cover over the top of the steering wheel, then gradually work your way down the sides, pulling firmly to ensure the cover fits tightly and evenly. The cover's elasticity should help it conform snugly to the wheel's shape. Use both hands to apply even pressure and avoid overstretching, which could lead to warping or damage.

Step 5. Adjust for Perfect Fit

Once the cover is on, adjust it to make sure it’s smooth and evenly placed around the entire steering wheel. Run your hands around the cover to smooth out any wrinkles or folds. Make sure the cover is securely in place and won’t shift as you drive.

With these 5 easy steps, your stretchable steering wheel cover should be well-fitted and ready to use, providing a better grip and a refreshed look to your vehicle’s interior.

5 Easiest Steps To Put On Sewn-On Steering Wheel Covers

Sewn-On Steering Wheel Covers

Sewn-on steering wheel covers offer a custom-fit finish that looks incredibly professional but requires a bit more effort to install. Here’s how to handle sewn-on covers effectively and easily:

#1 Prepare the Sewn-on Steering Wheel Cover

First, ensure that the sewn-on cover is at room temperature or slightly warm to make it more flexible. If it's too stiff, it can be challenging to manipulate and stitch into place.

#2 Align the Cover with the Steering Wheel

Begin by aligning the cover with the steering wheel. Start at the top of the wheel, making sure the seams of the cover match the natural lines of the steering wheel. This alignment is crucial for not only the aesthetics but also the feel of the cover once installed.

#3 Sewing the Cover

Sewn-on covers usually come with a lacing kit or require the use of a durable thread. Start lacing at the top where you began the alignment. Use tight, even stitches to ensure the cover is secure and won’t shift with use. It’s important to pull each stitch tight to prevent any loose or baggy sections.

#4 Using Tools for Assistance in Putting on the Wheel Covers

For tighter stitches and more precision, use needle-nose pliers to pull the needle through the tough material. This can be particularly helpful when working through thick or layered sections of the cover. Once you reach the end of the stitching path, secure the thread with multiple knots hidden under the edges of the cover. Cut off any excess thread and tuck in the ends for a clean finish.

#5 Test and Adjust the Fit

After fitting the steering wheel cover, thoroughly inspect it to ensure it is evenly fitted around the entire wheel. Test the grip by turning the wheel in your hands to feel for any loose sections or uncomfortable seams. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the cover is both visually appealing and functionally secure.

Installing a sewn-on steering wheel cover might take patience and a bit of skill, but the result is a custom-fit look that feels integral to the steering wheel. This type of cover is especially suitable for those who want a permanent solution that feels like an extension of the wheel itself.


Follow these easy ways to put on stretchable and sewn-on steering wheel covers, ensuring your driving experience is stylish and comfortable. Remember, the right tools and techniques can simplify the process of putting on the covers, making it simple even for beginners. 

If you're looking for durable and high-quality steering wheel covers, explore the eco-leather steering wheel covers by Seat Cover Solutions. These covers provide a breathable, superior grip for any weather, enhancing control and adding a touch of class without being flashy. Check out Seat Cover Solutions for a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, and find the perfect steering wheel cover for your car. Upgrade today for a smoother, stylish drive!

FAQs for Installing Steering Wheel Covers

What is the easiest type of steering wheel cover to install?

Stretchable covers are generally the easiest covers to install as they can be warmed up and stretched over the steering wheel without needing additional tools.

Can I install a steering wheel cover by myself?

Yes, most steering wheel covers are designed for easy DIY installation. Following the provided instructions or online tutorials can guide you through the process. 

How do I prevent the steering wheel cover from slipping?

Ensure the cover fits snugly and make use of any additional securing features like inner grips or fastenings. Proper installation is key to preventing slippage.

What should I do if the steering wheel cover is too tight?

Warm it up using a hairdryer or leave it in the sun for a while to increase its flexibility. This makes it easier to stretch over your steering wheel.

Are there any tools to help install a tight steering wheel cover?

Yes, tools like a windshield wiper removal tool or plastic levers can be used to tuck the cover firmly in place without damaging it or the steering wheel. Read in detail how to put on the tight steering wheel covers

Can using hairspray or soapy water damage my steering wheel or the cover?

No, when used sparingly, these substances won’t damage your steering wheel or the cover but can make the installation process easier by reducing friction.

How often should I replace my steering wheel cover?

Replace your steering wheel cover if it shows signs of wear such as tearing, or fading, or if it no longer fits snugly due to stretching.

Are Seat Cover Solutions' steering wheel covers suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, our eco-leather covers are designed to handle various weather conditions, providing a comfortable grip whether it’s hot or cold.

Do I need to remove my steering wheel to install a cover?

No, our steering wheel covers are designed to be fitted directly over your existing steering wheel without the need for removal.

Where can I buy a high-quality steering wheel cover?

Seat Cover Solutions offers a variety of eco-leather steering wheel covers that are stylish, easy to install, and designed for durability. Check their website to choose a cover that best fits your style and needs.