LUXE Seat Cover Care Bundle

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Introducing the Seat Cover Care Bundle: LUXE APC + LUXE RVP!

Meet the ultimate duo for cleansing and maintaining your luxury seat covers. This bundle is designed to streamline your car care routine while delivering professional-grade results.

Luxe APC: Effortless Cleaning Power

  • Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime with Luxe APC, your go-to all-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
  • Luxe APC is the perfect product for cleaning off stains, dirt, and grease from your seat covers.
  •  Engineered for convenience and effectiveness, our pH-balanced formula ensures hassle-free application.
  • **Dilute 10:1 for seat cover application**

RVP Dressing: Revitalize Your Seat Covers with Ease

  • Give your seat covers the VIP restoration treatment with Luxe RVP Sprayable Dressing.
  • Crafted with a premium water-based formula, our dressing hydrates and rejuvenates seat cover material, ensuring they keep their supple and like-new look and feel.

Experience the versatility of these two premium products:

  • The Seat Cover Care Bundle stretches far from just Seat Covers 
  • Other uses of this bundle include tires, door panels, steering wheels, dashboards, plastic trim, and much more!
  • The combination of cleanliness and restoration is the perfect bundle for any car enthusiast's garage!

Order today to transform and protect your surfaces!


LUXE APC Chemical & Ingredient MSDS - click here

LUXE RVP Chemical & Ingredient MSDS - click here

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I ordered seat covers for my truck from Seat Cover Solutions and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! They fit great and they look even better. The quality of the materials is top-notch and I know these covers will last a long time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about steering wheel? Find the answers here or on our FAQ page for more.

What is eco-leather and how is it different from traditional leather?

Eco-leather is designed to provide the same luxurious feel as traditional leather, but it's made in a way that's more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It allows you to experience the texture and comfort of leather without the associated environmental impact. Essentially, it's like leather, only smarter—you get the same feel with less guilt.

What are the holes in the steering wheel cover for?

The small holes in the Steering Wheel Cover are designed to let your steering wheel breathe. This feature helps to keep your hands cool when it's hot outside and warm when it's cold. It's a thoughtful design element aimed at enhancing your driving comfort.

How does this steering wheel cover pair with other car accessories?

Our Steering Wheel Cover is designed to seamlessly blend with our range of seat covers. This creates an understated yet luxurious experience, offering a combination of style and function. It's not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer in car accessories.

Can you explain the grip on the Steering Wheel Cover?

The grip on our steering wheel cover is engineered to be neither too tight nor too loose. We've aimed for what feels like a perfect handshake with your car, ensuring that long drives are more comfortable. Your hands will thank you for the added stability and control.

How will Steering Wheel Cover impact my driving experience?

The first time you touch our Steering Wheel Cover, you'll understand its unique value. It elevates your driving experience, making it more than just a trip from point A to point B. It makes you feel like you're driving a luxury vehicle without the luxury price tag, turning every drive into an extraordinary experience.